IT projects

From server virtualisation to office relocation, our team of experts, led by our Prince2 qualified, dedicated Project Managers, are ready to help. Working together we'll ensure each project is delivered on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to your systems and data.


  Cloud migrations

Whether you're looking to move from on-premise to the cloud, or to switch cloud service providers, we can manage the entire process for you, ensuring a smooth transition with minimum disruption and downtime. Most importantly, having chosen where to store your data, we'll ensure it’s secure and protected, that the support levels are good, and the speed of accessing the data is not compromised.

Office relocation IT help

More than just an IT support provider, we can plan and organise all aspects of your office move. Handling everything from planning your new network infrastructure, to packing up and reinstalling all IT equipment, we'll ensure your office move goes as smoothly as possible. We can even organise the transportation of office equipment and the installation of telephone and internet lines through our carefully selected partners.


Network infrastructure services

Whether you need your messy comms rack tidied up and reorganised, or a complete redesign of your network to be ISO 27000:2013 or PCI compliant, we can help. No matter how big or small the task, our team of IT infrastructure specialists will use proven technologies from manufacturers such as Cisco and HP, ensuring we build your network and storage infrastructure to be fast, resilient and secure.


Server virtualisation

We can build your company a fully scalable, high performance virtual environment, based on the experience we have gained from designing our own complex hosted environments. When designed properly, the infrastructure behind any virtual system should provide significant cost savings and efficiency gains, you should not experience performance issues or be putting your data at risk. We can guarantee a secure and robust virtual environment.


Cheaper equipment and engineering cost


Cheaper line installation cost

VoIP installations

If you're looking for a secure, reliable, scalable means of communication that could save you money, then a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system could be the answer. The initial equipment and engineering cost compared with a telephone system is 60% cheaper, and by using IP telephony over expensive ISDN or analogue lines, you’ll reduce your line installation cost by over 50%. Simple and easy to migrate, a VoIP system will streamline your infrastructure and reduce your costs.

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