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Windows, Linux, Mac – we support them all

At Priority One we guarantee to use the best tools for the job by only employing experienced third line engineers to support you on our London based Helpdesk.

We will monitor and manage your Operating System, be it Microsoft, Linux or Apple, both efficiently and cost effectively, thanks to our excellent service levels and fixed cost pricing strategy.


Microsoft sets the standard in business computing. It is the favoured Operating System for businesses because it runs the flagship product Microsoft Office and is compatible with the majority of hardware. As a Microsoft Partner, we run the majority of our own business tools on the Microsoft platform.

Although Microsoft may sometimes receive bad press, if well maintained this platform is very sturdy and secure. The reason IT departments love this truly enterprise grade platform is because it can be centrally managed to push out company wide security and compliance policies.


Linux is a free, reliable and extremely popular Operating System delivering high performance, without escalating costs. It also provides a significant security advantage in that few viruses impacting Windows PCs will affect Linux workstations.

At Priority One supporting open source applications like Linux doesn’t have to be expensive. We’re familiar with the most common flavours of Linux including UbuntuSuseFedora, CentOSRed Hat and Debian. Our engineers have been utilising Linux and providing expert Linux support for over a decade, helping businesses move from expensive vendor applications and licenses to free Linux OS and Linux based applications.


Apple products are extremely popular in the media and graphics world, and are quickly becoming a CEO’s choice of hardware. From a design perspective they can’t be beaten and from a technical stand point they suffer fewer security and virus risks. However, if you want to standardise your systems by centrally restricting access or rolling out applications, with Apple hardware you will be faced with expensive third party software costs.

Priority One can provide the managed IT support you need for your Apple Mac products, including laptops, desktops, and servers. If your business is considering switching to Apple, we can design and implement your network so it is optimised to suit your specific business and IT requirements.

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