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Growth Hacking Videos

Business growth is central to business owners objectives. Therefore we caught up with 5 entrepreneurs who each reveal their one growth hack. Each tip is purposefully highly actionable and therefore easily replicable.

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Peter Czapp – Co Founder of The Wow Company

#GrowthHacking Tip 1: Ask yourself tough questions

Peter mentions the need to constantly ask yourself tough questions that can help propel your business from ‘ticking along’ to ‘making it big’. In this video he gives examples of such questions, and explains how they will aid growth.

Paul Halliwell – Founding MD of TalkTalk

#GrowthHacking Tip 2: Keep your focus

Paul talks about the need focus on what is important to the core business, and not to get distracted by tasks that won’t make a difference to growth. He states the two reasons why keeping focus is key, and provides examples of tasks that aren’t core to growth.

Alex Farrell – Founder of Gift Wink

#GrowthHacking Tip 3: Be fanatical about the data you collect

Alex discusses the need to really focus on the data you collect from your customers, and how you should use this data to aid growth. She gives examples of how this has successfully worked for her.

Matt Martin – Founder of Retro Mountain

#GrowthHacking Tip 4: Be creative with how you interact with your customers

Matt describes a successful PR stunt which helped cause a splash for his retro skiwear company. He mentions how being creative in your approach to customer interaction can help put your business on the map.

Byron Rawlings – Founder of The Blogger Programme

#GrowthHacking Tip 5: Use your internal resources to help reach your customers

Byron’s tip involves practicing what you preach, and using your own resources and expertise to market your business. He explains an example of how his company did just this and how it impacted on growth.

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