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With cyber security threats, scams and malicious attacks increasing, many companies are looking to improve their IT security, but either don’t know where to start or need a little extra help.

At Priority One, we combine the latest technology, best practice and expert knowledge to build multi-layered defence systems that can minimise a security breach and ensure your company data is safe.

Are you confident your IT systems are secure?

You can never be certain that your systems are 100% secure due to the constant evolving threats.  However, if you aren’t even looking, then you are leaving yourself wide open to attack.

At Priority One we help SME’s to better understand how cyber security could impact their business, and how best to spend their small allocated budget.

Do you need help with the basics?

Given the current threat level of IT scams and cyber attacks, we believe there are three fundamental initiatives, that are as critical as your backups, that every SME should follow.

  1. Bi-Annual Network & Website Security Tests – in the industry these are called  penetration tests.
  2. Implement Two-Factor Authentication – passwords have essentially become useless.
  3. Encrypt your critical data – this ensures that in the event of theft the data is worthless.

Priority One can assist with putting these basic security practices in place.

Are you looking for advanced IT security?

If the nature of your business makes you prone to attack and you want to ensure you have the highest level of IT security, you should consider the following.

  1. Implement a Threat Detection System to constantly assess your data flow and analyse it for threats.
  2. Reduce your attack surface area by ensuring that every system is running the minimum number of programs and services.
  3. Increase your layers of defense and set up alerts in the event of a breach.

Whether you are starting from scratch or refining your current security strategy, our team of specialists can help.

Do you have any specific security challenges?

If your business is currently striving for an ISO 27001 accreditation, PCI DSS or you have a specific security requirement, Priority One’s team is here to assist.

Whether you require additional resource for an in-house project or you need to outsource your security entirely, we can respond and adapt to meet your needs.

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