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When does moving to the cloud make good business sense?

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So, when to move up to the cloud?

Our Managing Director Jon Abbott gives us the low-down on when and if you should move your business to the cloud. He explains in detail when you should consider shifting to the cloud and what you can do to protect your data.

As the concept is still fairly new, and the media has been rife with news of data in the cloud being hacked, it is understandable why many companies are apprehensive about moving their data to cloud computing.

So, Abbott explains some misunderstandings and myths about the role the cloud plays in businesses in order to explain how exactly it works to help you make a decision about whether to move to the cloud. He also explains some misconceptions about the cloud, including security risks and implementing costs.

You don’t have to move your entire data and IT systems to the cloud.

Instead, there’s a surprising amount of flexibility regarding what aspects of your IT system you can move to the cloud. For instance, you can back up only your emails or documents. This is great news for people who are apprehensive about running their live systems to a new and developing technology.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what exactly the cloud is, and what it isn’t.

The cloud, as Abbott explains, is not merely anything that’s on the internet: instead, it is a secure, global infrastructure that you have unlimited access to. He also addresses the issue of the cloud being more vulnerable to cyber-attacks: pointing out it is not that larger companies are actually more vulnerable- only that larger storage systems are larger targets.

What are the potential challenges of using the cloud for your business?

He explains the importance of finding a trustworthy, authoritative provider, and of researching your potential providers to ensure their services are as good as their word. Additionally, there will always be a security risk when you are working digitally, but this threat will be present regardless of whether you store your data purely on hardware or in the cloud as well.

Finally, what should you look out for in a cloud provider?

There are plenty of IT Support Services in London that offer packages for cloud storage. Precisely because you are spoilt for choice, it is important you choose a service provider who matches your list of requirements to a high standard. It’s important that a cloud service provider has all the requirements you are looking for, as you are minimizing the risks to your data by doing so.


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