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Website backups – Protecting your online space

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Have you found yourself asking questions like…

  • Do I need to run website backups?
  • Should I use a free method or a paid one?
  • Can I automate it or should I do it manually?

Whether you like it or not, at some point in your websites lifespan, it’s going to have downtime. There could be a problem with the server, the code, or even a group of hackers spamming your site with requests for their own satisfaction. These are just three of the very many reasons it’s vital to keep regular snapshots of your site. There’s a lot to think about when trying to protect your website from permanent damage. Indeed there are multiple factors to consider that will influence your decision on choosing how and when to back up your site.

Size & Usage

If you find yourself frequently updating your site with posts and interacting with user requests or comments, it’s vital to keep a regular backup of your site. Having hourly snapshots of your page might save you hours of hard work and prevent you from having to spend another day reposting everything that was lost.

Free Vs Paid

When it comes to making a decision on whether to use a free method or a paid one, it’s entirely up to you. There are a lot of simple free methods of backing up your website that are both effective and seemingly easy to set up. At the same time these could be more time-consuming to restore the data for your site. With many online website backups that are paid for, you can purchase options that are right for you and your website based on what you need. In most cases these options are quite cheap and your website can be restored or reverted to a previous state in a few clicks.

Manual Vs Automated

If I were backing up my site, I would most definitely choose an automatic method that I check daily, as opposed to a manual method that would need to be run daily. We have all had one of those days where we just can’t be bothered to do any more work – in the case of having to manually back up your site (even though a simple task) this is when disaster could strike. You find yourself skipping a manual backup for a night, thinking that it will all be fine as it ‘never goes down’, only to log in the next morning and see that you are left with an empty page of nothingness. Human error can be one of the biggest factors for most technological problems we face. Thankfully it can easily be overcome with a few clicks and some careful monitoring. I will always recommend automating anything you can – if you do it right the first time, it only needs to be done once.


Ultimately when you are deciding on how to back up your site you need to choose something that fits your budget and your time scale. Spending a few pennies for an automated service will save you the stress of doing it yourself and gives you piece of mind knowing that your online world is protected from loss. In my next article I will review some of the possible paid-for and free solutions out there to choose from.

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