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Should you move your business to the cloud? Our expert answers.

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You might have been wondering whether you should move your IT support and infrastructure to the cloud, or perhaps how this decision will depend on your present circumstances. In reality it’s not so straightforward, as there are probably some areas of your business where cloud computing makes more sense than others.

In this exclusive video series, Priority One IT’s Managing Director Jon Abbott gives his advice to help small business owners get to grips with this complex topic.

What exactly is the cloud?

There can be some confusion about what the cloud is and what it isn’t – some people see anything in the online world as being part of the cloud, but when considering the benefits of switching to cloud computing, Jon thinks of it in more specific terms.

Are there any elements of your IT that you shouldn’t move to the cloud?

With so many providers trying to convince you of the benefits of cloud computing, you’d think that anything involving the cloud is going to improve your business – but this simply isn’t the case. As Jon warns, there are certain elements of your business that are best kept offline…and you may be surprised to learn that the key factor here is not security, but cost.

What are the challenges for SMEs when it comes to moving to the cloud?

Needless to say, moving to the cloud has its potential pitfalls – but as long as you select a provider who isn’t susceptible to breaches and can be trusted to maintain the security and performance standards they promise, these challenges can be overcome.

What steps should SMEs take when moving to the cloud?

Once you’ve made the big decision to move to the cloud, Jon recommends that you follow a few simple steps to ensure that the transition is successful. And as he explains, it’s very important not to compromise when it comes to getting your needs met.

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