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Data Protection – Your company’s best friend

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Having a business without an effective backup system is a lot like living with a gambling addiction – you can roll the dice as many times as you want, but ultimately it all ends in loss. Below I will give two examples of why you, the individual or business owner, need to make sure you […]

BitLocker, a replacement for TrueCrypt

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Since the recent demise of TrueCrypt, an open source utility for encrypting internal and external storage devices as well as files and folders, there have been rumours of the project being picked up by a Switzerland based team. However, there is no guarantee it will return, no time frame has been give, and who knows […]

Users and systems, unlocking the world of efficiency within

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Working within the outsourced IT support world grants me access to an array of industries, and whilst most use the same core systems such as email, print and web based tools, the way in which they are used can vary greatly. It has always fascinated me to watch how users go about their day to […]

iOS8 – Will it be the catalyst to replace Windows in the business world?

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I am writing this on my HP laptop running Windows 7, not a Macbook, although I have an iPad and an iPhone.  The majority of my clients who use Macs run it in bootcamp mode using Windows 7.  Why? Because we all believe that Windows 7 is the best operating system for business.  Either supporting […]

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