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Outlook 2016: Can you view ‘too much’ with conversation setting?

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So far I have been very impressed with Outlook 2016, the latest edition from Microsoft.  However, I have found a feature which is very subtle, but one that I could see causing some major problems in the work place.

The feature is part of the “Show as Conversations” setting which groups all emails together that are part of the same conversation.  A feature that personally I’m not a huge fan of, because I feel I lose track of emails, but I do understand why people use it.  However, Microsoft have tried to be a bit too clever and have enhanced with it an additional setting of ‘Show Messages from Other Folders’.

What this means is, if you have Full Access to another mailbox and that person sends a group email which you are part of, then you will of course receive that first email. However, if the sender then subsequently receives or sends emails to an individual(s) rather than the whole group, you will continue to see the chain of emails, despite not being included.

Granted, without this feature you would still have access if you were to open their mailbox and view their inbox or sent items, however this is very unlikely and I think this feature is going to cause problems in the workplace over the next 12 months.

I would be keen to hear your thoughts.



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