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IT Outsourcing: Does it make sense for you?

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Is outsourcing your IT support the right strategy for your business? With so many things to think about, this is not always a simple decision to make.

In these exclusive videos, Dr. Sam De Silva, partner at leading international law firm Nabarro and an expert on outsourcing, shares his knowledge with small business owners.

When is the time right for an SME to outsource?

The first thing to consider once you’ve decided to outsource your IT support is the timing – this may not seem like an important question, but Sam explains that there are actually a number of factors that will affect your decision on whether or not now is the right time to take the plunge.

What questions should an SME ask before outsourcing?

If you’re planning to outsource your IT services, presumably you have a good reason for doing so. According to Sam, asking the right questions at this stage will help you assess the benefits to your business and the impact on your current staff and operations. These questions will help you to make the right decisions and follow them through in the way that works best for your company.

What challenges do SMEs face when outsourcing?

Sam says that some of the biggest challenges for companies looking to outsource IT support relate to taking the time to get the important details right – this could be anything from preparing your business for the transition to ensuring that legal and contractual issues are properly taken care of.

What should a company look for in an outsourcing partner?

It’s vital that you do your research when selecting an outsourcing partner – outsourcing is akin to a long term relationship in Sam’s view, so it’s certainly not a decision to be taken lightly. There are a number of measures you can take to ensure that you’re outsourcing to a reliable company that not only has a proven track record, but fits well with your way of working.

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