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iOS8 – Will it be the catalyst to replace Windows in the business world?

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I am writing this on my HP laptop running Windows 7, not a Macbook, although I have an iPad and an iPhone.  The majority of my clients who use Macs run it in bootcamp mode using Windows 7.  Why? Because we all believe that Windows 7 is the best operating system for business.  Either supporting networks directly or leading my team to support networks, I strongly believe that in terms of corporate security, the deployment of applications, recovery of data, remote administration, and applying corporate policies, it has to be a Windows desktop connecting to a Windows server.

However, is this all about to change with the next release of the iPhone?  A strange connection you may think, but the latest news regarding the most well designed phone on the market is that Apple have teamed up with IBM to create a business focused iPhone, running the new iOS8.  Apple have openly admitted that they don’t understand the business market’s requirements and have gone to IBM to plug this gap.

Everyone would agree that when Apple focus on something, they succeed.  Therefore if they are now focusing on taking over some serious market share of the corporate world then I am fairly sure they will.  So will this next iPhone be that turning point?

Based on the current situation, now could be the perfect time for Apple to storm the corporate world.

  1. Windows 8 is a complete disaster.
  2. Cloud apps are commonly used in the business market.
  3. Sharing of data is frequently done from within an application as opposed to a mapped drive.
  4. OS X and iOS have never been more integrated.

For me though, there are still some major hurdles which they need to get over.

  1. Cost of Apple hardware: to seriously take over the market I think they need to look at the cost of their workstation range.  They look very nice, but they don’t last longer, are not quicker and do not create more efficient working environments, so there needs to be a cheaper business range.  Maybe a Macbook C is on the horizon?
  2. Data security: Macs in business create people working in their own worlds, business data is regularly unprotected because people save to their desktop, which isn’t copied back to a server.
  3. Mac Mail: in my opinion Exchange is the best mail server and therefore if you want to use Mac Mail then it must work with Exchange Online Archive, you need to throttle the cache size and an Exchange shared calendar.

If Apple get past these obstacles then perhaps in six months’ time, my blog will be written on a Macbook.

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