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How to protect your business from a cyber security attack

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How can you make sure that your business is able to survive any potential threats to its online presence?

IT security specialist Javvad Malik of j4vv4d.com gives his tips for small business owners on how to prevent a cyber-attack and protect their companies in this special video series.

What should an SME do if a cyber-attack hits?

Obviously it’s useful to know how to react when your cyber security is breached – however, Javvad reminds business owners that their best strategy is to have a plan in place before such an incident occurs. In the event that you become the victim of a cyber-attack, you’ll want to make sure that you can quickly communicate the right information to the right people and prevent the problem getting any worse.

What are the most common oversights that allow SMEs to get breached?

When it comes to preventing cyber-attacks and protecting your IT security, the most important thing you can do is ensure your staff are well educated on what the most common dangers are and how to avoid them. Javvad gives a couple of examples in the video below.

What can companies do to protect themselves from cyber-attacks?

A key element of protecting your company’s online presence is understanding where your system is most susceptible to attack and taking the necessary measures to protect those areas. Javvad explains this concept by likening your cyber security to an open window.

Why does Javvad compare cyber security to something Mike Tyson said about being punched in the face?

As Javvad explains, just like a well-timed headshot in a boxing match, a cyber-attack can knock you off balance and leave you floundering – even if you’ve put a plan in place in advance of such a situation.

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