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Email Encryption

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Our MD, Jon Abbott, has been researching the different email encryption solutions available on the market.

The two that really caught his eye are Proton Mail and Cirius.

Proton Mail

The first is a fully functional, highly secure email platform that is hosted in a Data Centre 1,000 metres below the Swiss mountains.  The only downside is you need to use this as your email platform which is not great if you are already using the highly resilient and fast Priority One Hosted Exchange or Office 365.


However, if you are using a hosted solution then Cirius is probably for you.  It allows you to easily send secure emails directly from your browser or Outlook.  It also has great features like tracking who has forwarded the email or preventing someone from replying or forwarding the email in the first place.  In fact Cirius has quickly become the go-to email encryption tool at the P1 Head Quarters!


Jon Abbott

With more than 15 years experience researching, testing and evaluating the latest technologies, Jon is able to advise clients and readers on how to improve system efficiency and keep up with the latest technology.

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