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Apps for Business: Our Top 10

When someone says a business “runs itself”, they probably should be thankful to a small army of business apps that diligently feed their machines from behind the scenes. From creating and storing files and managing email, to keeping the books and getting teams working together, it takes a lot of code to run a business, […]

Choosing software (or getting it developed) for your business

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For small and medium sized businesses, having the optimum software solutions for the various roles within the business is absolutely key to maximising productivity and efficiency. Many managers and business owners don’t know what level of expectation they should have for software and computers in order to maximise the efficiency of a role, because they […]

Business essentials for 2016

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How well have you budgeted for our recommended business essentials? Before we know it we will be watching fireworks and drunk revellers welcome in 2016, waving goodbye to another year and heading back to work (sorry!). Like us, I am sure you have all written business plans for the New Year ahead and have visions […]

Using multiple screens efficiently

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I have been using at least two screens whenever I am sat at a computer, at a desk, for about the last two decades.  Whether a desktop or a laptop that I plug an extra screen into, I find the productivity gains so significant that it has become standard for me.  If I am writing […]

The customer is always right, apparently.

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Exploring the strangely different definitions of customer service, good and bad. It’s almost impossible to go through a day without having to interact with someone who is providing you with, or selling you a service. From buying a coffee in the morning, showing your ticket to the inspector on the train, speaking to your bank, […]

Get your work tempo right and increase user productivity

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The quality of the IT set-up in a business has a big influence on user productivity.  I am a big believer that users should never be waiting for computers, but the productivity measures go much deeper than analysis of wait times, there are many activities on pcs that can be optimised dramatically affecting the speed a […]

Introducing Inbox Zero

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Just checking, did you get my email? No? You need Inbox Zero. Phone, laptop, tablet, PC, and even now the car is a vehicle for email delivery. There’s no getting away from it, our lives can often be dictated to and ruled by email. The problem is that because everyone from your boss to your […]

Remote working: work anywhere, anytime.

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It’s 4:55 am, and I’m sitting in my car in a train station car park in deepest darkest Hampshire waiting for the first train into Waterloo. Sadly I’m not up early to go on holiday. Actually, I’m upgrading a customer’s accounting systems – and who said IT isn’t rock and roll! The fact is I’m […]

Useful Utility Programs

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Over the many years of working on PCs both at work in the IT industry and at home, I have built up a portfolio of a number of invaluable utility programs that save a huge amount of time and effort. I always install on every pc I use.  They are generally small, simple apps that […]

Users and systems, unlocking the world of efficiency within

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Working within the outsourced IT support world grants me access to an array of industries, and whilst most use the same core systems such as email, print and web based tools, the way in which they are used can vary greatly. It has always fascinated me to watch how users go about their day to […]