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How to protect your business from a cyber security attack

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How can you make sure that your business is able to survive any potential threats to its online presence? IT security specialist Javvad Malik of j4vv4d.com gives his tips for small business owners on how to prevent a cyber-attack and protect their companies in this special video series. What should an SME do if a [...]

Innovation and Security: The Key IT Themes in 2017

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2016 has been a bumper year for IT innovation, and we anticipate the pace of change to continue at full throttle. Here are our predictions for 2017: • The continued shift to cloud computing • The Internet of Things becoming far more mainstream • Hot Desking and new ways of working • Office Automation • […]

Our top 10 Security Attack Horrors of all time

We live in a world where cyber-attacks dominate the headlines. Be it a teenager in his basement or a government agency trying to obtain your data, the Internet landscape has been transformed into a binary battlefield. Who needs a gun when you have a keyboard? Here are the top ten security attacks horrors in history. [...]

Advancements in IT Security: How the Good Guys Are Beating the Bad

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Is it just us, or does it seem online hacking crimes are on the up? It was only last week that The Guardian reported the entire US political system was ‘under attack’ by Russian hacking. This following on from the news being awash with Russian hackers acquiring and posting the private medical notes of Olympians. [...]

Is a huge Global Malware attack pending?

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Over the past week we have seen a massive increase in attempted malware attacks via email.  Is this linked to the huge increase in malware which Symantec have seen throughout January 2016?  If the malware is successful in infecting your machine it starts attempting to steal banking and other personal information. What do you need […]

Encryption, a vital part of your business

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Encryption is one of the vital parts of today’s IT infrastructure in every business, no matter what type or size. Yet it’s not implemented as much as it should be and the main reason is because of the word itself. For many, the word encryption is difficult to understand, tricky to apply and hard to […]

Corporate Web Proxy, more than just a porn filter!

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Back in the late 90’s when the Internet was just starting out companies began introducing Web Proxies or filters.  The purpose of these was to ensure that the small amount of bandwidth (yes 1Mbps was fast then!) was utilised purely for business purposes.  This meant no Facebook, music downloads, games or other non-related business activities. […]

Don’t let hackers spoil your Christmas

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We have short-listed a selection of security best practices when it comes to creating passwords to help keep your data safe and secure over Christmas and into the New Year. Use a minimum of eight digits. Have a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols. Do NOT use anything to do with […]

Email Encryption

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Our MD, Jon Abbott, has been researching the different email encryption solutions available on the market. The two that really caught his eye are Proton Mail and Cirius. Proton Mail The first is a fully functional, highly secure email platform that is hosted in a Data Centre 1,000 metres below the Swiss mountains.  The only downside […]

The accelerating growth of ransomware

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What is ransomware? As the name suggests ‘ransomware’ is a malicious software that denies a user(s) access to data stored on a Local PC, Server and now mobile devices, this data will be held to ransom until a fee has been paid. Types of ransomware Encryptor Ransomware – Files will be deleted once they are encrypted, generally […]

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