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Best Tech Websites: Our favourite 4

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To be a technologist you need to be enthused and submerge yourself within the industry. Everything moves on at such a rate there is no hiding from the fact you need to keep on top of trends by reading the latest online articles. But which to read?

We caught up with our favourites to help you along the road of tech education, without bombarding you with technical jargon…

  1. Computerworld

One for anyone from IT enthusiast, to those just wanting to further their knowledge on the basics of all things IT. We spoke to their editor Matthew Finnegan, who explains what makes Computerworld work.

What is your core focus?

“Computerworld UK’s core focus is how technology is transforming large enterprise organisations in the UK. We offer insight into the latest technology trends from cloud computing to the internet of things and big data analytics, helping readers navigate a fast-changing landscape and adapt to digital innovation in their industry sector.”

How have you been able to grow to what you are today?

“We have grown our audience by providing in-depth information and analysis around the latest technology trends, providing career guidance and advice for a wide range of professionals, from graduates and apprentices to security engineers and software developers, all the way up to senior IT manager level”

  1. Gadgety News

Who doesn’t love a gadget?

Honest, jargon free tech talk is why this great site made our list, as Jay Garrett – the creator of Gadgety News explains:

What is your core focus?

“GadgetyNews started when I realised that I couldn’t be the only one bamboozled by the acronyms and initials being used regularly by manufacturers and tech sites.

 I began to ‘translate’ news and reviews on a temporary hosting. Without promoting it I was soon getting a few hundred hits a week. I then decided to start my own site for real, using original content. Low jargon, high tech has been GadgetyNews’ mantra ever since. Tech news and gadget news in plain English is my main focus”.

How have you been able to grow to what you are today?

“As you can imagine, gadget news and review sites are pretty plentiful. Even when GadgetyNews started 9 years ago, it was already a crowded place. I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon an angle – a casual, friendly chat style that avoids jargon – that separated me from many of the rest.

Building strong relationships with PR firms that contacted me also helped. Simply being polite and not taking any of my contacts for granted seems common sense to me. Never underestimate how many people know others in your circle.”

Anything else you would like to add?

“Friends love the fact that I get to play with a lot of the latest gadgets but I spend almost every hour of ‘spare’ time I have either reviewing or writing. This is while holding down a full-time job and being a working musician. It’s a commitment, but one I enjoy. Thankfully.”

  1. PC Advisor

PC Advisor attracts a wide range of readers, and it is this broad appeal why it has made our list. We spoke to their Head of Marketing – Ash Patel.

What is your core focus?

“The ‘average’ PC Advisor users ranges from the new Geek for whom the tech they use makes a lifestyle statement, to the everyday person who just needs to know the best laptop or smartphone for them. We provide independent tech buying advice you can trust, when you need it most, to everyone who uses consumer technology.”

How have you been able to grow to what you are today?

“We understand what we are and what we do, and we don’t do anything else. PC Advisor is not a news site, nor is it a blog. We spend a lot of time understanding what buying- and user advice consumers need. And we publish only when we know we offer the best response to that need, offering something unique to our target reader”.

Anything else you would like to add?

“It’s never been easier to publish, but it’s never been harder to cut through the noise and find an audience. Know who you are, and what you do for who. And do only that. It’s the only way”.

  1. The Red Ferret

Last but not least, Red Ferret concentrate on the on the slightly quirkier side to tech; as the creator Nigel Powell explains.

What is your core focus?

“We focus mainly on interesting, innovative and valuable new technologies. If it’s a little quirky, then so much the better. Long term our aim is to shift our attention more to ecologically valuable products and technologies”.

How have you been able to grow to what you are today?

“We had a great start, since we were one of the first gadget/tech blog sites in the world, which meant we built a strong following early on. We have continued to hold our own against the major commercial sites purely because we don’t just focus on the big brand names, but try to introduce new companies and brands, which readers enjoy”.

Anything else you would like to add?

“We are at a major crossroads not just in technology, but also ecological terms as we face an increasingly uncertain global future. Climate change and its associated impacts means that sites like ours will increasingly have a duty to help the public understand the implications, and also opportunities, as we tackle this massive task. The Red Ferret hopes to be among the leaders in this endeavour”.

We love sharing knowledge so please comment below if you have any you’d recommend!


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